13-14 of March, 2019
V all Russia conference of young scientists and students with international participation «VolgaMedScience»

Chairman of the conference organizing committee:
Karyakin Nikolay Nikolaevich – Rector of FSBEI HE PRMU MOH Russia

  • Klemenova Irina Aleksandrovna – Vice-rector for Scientific Research, FSBEI HE PRMU MOH Russia
  • Bogomolova Elena Sergeevna – Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, FSBEI HE PRMU MOH Russia

Organizing committee:
  • Perevezentsev Egor Aleksandrovich – Superviser of Young Scientists Board, FSBEI HE PRMU MOH Russia
  • Ilyina Anastasia Semyonovna – Chairperson of Young Scientists Board, FSBEI HE PRMU MOH Russia
  • Grigorieva Natalia Yurevna – Superviser of Student Research Society, FSBEI HE PRMU MOH Russia
  • Malyshev Ilya Sergeyevich – Chairperson of Student Research Society, FSBEI HE PRMU MOH Russia
Participation in the Conference is FREE! The organizing committee guarantees hotel reservation (accommodation is paid by a participant).
The organizing committee intends the work of the following workshops:
1. Current issues in Obstetrics and Gynecology

2. Surgical diseases, Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Ophtalmology

3. Pediatric Surgery, Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine

4. Traumatology, Orthopedics and Neurosurgery

5. Cardiovascular Surgery

6. Radiology and Radiation Therapy, Oncology

7. Pediatric diseases

8. Internal diseases, Skin and venereal diseases

9. Dentistry

10. Pharmacy

11. Neuroscience

12. Biomedical technologies

13. Free radical biomedicine, Regeneration, Adaptation, Functional morphology and Homeostasis

14. Immunology, Infectious pathology and Epidemiology

15. Medical law, Economics and Management in Healthcare Service

16. Information technology (IT) in Healthcare Service and medical education

17. Social-hygienic, ecological and economical issues of public health protection and promotion

Working languages: English/Russian

Conference report format:
-Oral presentation

Case reports are not submitted. Original studies should be submitted. According to the results of the workshops, an author of the best presentations (given the highest scores by the judging panel) will be entitled to publish co-authorship articles free of charge within a year in "Medical almanac", a journal included in a list of journals recommended by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles and publishing the main research findings of dissertations in candidacy for a degree of a candidate and a doctor of Sciences.

Contact details:
Executive Secretary of the Conference
Perevezentsev Yegor Aleksandrovich +79063536580
Iylina Anastasia Semenovna +79506206792
Malyshev Ilya Sergeevich (Viber/WhatsApp) +79082316227

Requirements for abstracts
To participate in the conference it is necessary to send abstracts and register up to and including January 14, 2019

Online Registration: http://digital.pimunn.ru/volgamedscience.

Abstracts failing to meet the requirements and sent after 14.01.2019 will not be accepted.

Requirements for abstracts
Abstracts to be attached in .doc format with the link: http://digital.pimunn.ru/volgamedscience.
The author (co-authors) of abstracts can be young scientists and students up to and including 35 years old.

Co-authorship can involve no more than 3 people.
No more than 2 people can be scientific supervisors of one work.
Abstracts can be submitted in Russian or English. An abstract can contain up to 4500 characters including spaces (excluding the first four lines), interval 1.5; font Times New Roman, 12 size, margins top and bottom — 2 cm, left — 3 cm, right — 1.5 cm; alignment width. Tables and formulas are not submitted, the list of references is not specified.

In the heading:
1st line: authors

(12 size, bold, center alignment, initials in front of last name)
2nd line: abbreviated name of the University, city, country

(10 size, align center, add space after paragraph)
3rd line: title of the work

(12 point, bold, center alignment, capital letters)
4th line: the Head of the work

(10 PT, italic, center alignment)

5th line: academic title and position of the Head of the work

(10 PT, italic, align center, add space after paragraph)

(acceptable abbreviations: MD., Ph.D., member-Corr. RAMS.; Acad., ACCA., Doc., Prof.)

The abstract should be structured and include the following parts: the aim, materials and methods, results, conclusions or conclusion (in bold).
Guidelines for poster design
1. Poster presentation are submitted on one A1 sheet, horizontal orientation.

2. Wide format printing is preferable.

3. The text, graphs, tables, and drawings can be printed on standard A4 sheets, placed in transparent file folders and attached to the A1 sheet.

4. The upper part of the poster should contain the following data:

• Topic of the workshop

• Title of the report (font size no more than 48 PT.);

• FOR STUDENT – full name of the author(s), full title of the university, faculty, year, group;

• FOR YOUNG SCIENTIST – full name of the author(s), full title of the university, department, position;

• Full name of the supervisor, academic degree, rank, position.

5. Text of the poster: font size not less than 14 PT., the line interval 1.0

The poster text should be illustrated with diagrams, charts, drawings and photographs.

Every object should have a number, a name, a legend explaining 4 conditional symbols. There should be the links for every object in the text. Abbreviations are permitted, but should be mentioned explicitly when used for the first time.

E-registration has finished!
To participate in the conference it is necessary to send abstracts and register up to and including January 14, 2019
Brief program of the Conference
13 March
9.00-10.00 Conference participants registration
10.00-18.00 Opening of the Conference. Plenary speech. Breakout sessions (workshops).
19.00-22.00 Entertainment program (optional, pre-registration is required)
14 March
9.00-17.00 Breakout sessions (workshops)